Your Wedding Planning Kit
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Your Engaged! WOW … Now What?

Here you will find our Wedding Planning Kit. If you click on the links below you will find with a wedding check list for each step in your preparations. These check lists which will remind you of each task you need to do along the way. If you would like our full Wedding Planning Kit emailed to you simply use this contact form and ask for the Wedding Planning Kit and you will recieve a handy checklist of ideas and suggestions regarding a Choosing a Photographer, Stationary, Invitation Etiquette, Bridal Emergency Kit, Money Saving Tips, Who Pays For What, Wedding Vows, Wedding Invitations and more…
So now you have the Wedding Planning Kit on its way to you, the FIRST things you need to do are:

Your First Wedding Plans
12 Weeks Before your Wedding
8 Weeks Before your Wedding
6 Weeks Before your Wedding
4 Weeks Before your Wedding
2 Weeks Before your Wedding
1 Week Before your Wedding