The Project – Photo-Graphics is an online journal founded by master photographer and communications designer Garnet McPherson as a tribute to the power of visual communications to create positive change in our world. Now a talented team of communication artists participate in this project designed to expand our visual communication horizons. Photo-Graphics bring together the talent, articles, exhibitions, courses, workshops, photo treks, and more…so you can explore so you can explore the world of photographic imaging.

The Mission – Photo-Graphics promotes the power of visual communication through photography and photo graphic imaging. Visual Imaging whether it is photography, digital media or video, can bring to life people, stories, ideas and concepts. Imaging is the most powerful tool in developing effective communication. "Photo-Graphics is all about the art and science of creating powerful visual messages… memorable messages that can make a difference."

So Meet The Talent, See The Exhibitions, Read our Articles, Hear about our Courses and Workshops, Learn about our Photo Treks Expeditions, and let us introduce you to our and Sponsors and Contributors. It is all hear for you so enjoy the visual feast and learn about all the programs at Photo-Graphics.

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ABOUT US – Photo-Graphics promotes the power of visual communication through photography and photo graphic imaging. From graphics that represent your image, to photographic illustration that can bring to life ideas and concepts that may not exist in three-dimensions, these are the most powerful tools in developing effective content. Messages that your audience can remember…Messages that change minds and create results. Photo-Graphics has a team of talented and experienced Visual Communicators that understand the importance of result focused communication. From Designers to Photographers and Multi Media Producers the team at Photo-Graphics is dedicated to creating very effective communications. We also teach about what we do at Photo-Graphics so if you would like to know more about our visual services or courses just fill in our inquiry form and we will get back to you in a flash!